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Do you like to watch animals live? Do you like to watch birds feeding at a bird feeder? Have you seen what Koi fish do during the day over even during the we hours of morning? Do you ever wonder what kind of animals do you have in your back yard or garden? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

My name is Scott and I live in Westerville, OH in a suburban neighborhood just north of Columbus. We made our own bird feeding station and have it right off our back patio next to our koi pond.

We have 3 live cams running 7/24 showing birds, crittercam and koi pond fish http://ourbackyardview.cam

Come join the fun in watching mother nature on full display! If you enjoy this channel and want to make it easier to return to this channel in YouTube and be notified of new content on this channel.

SPECIES WE KNOW ABOUT (not a complete list!!!, let us know what you see)

1) Blue Jays

2) Northern Cardinal

3) American Goldfinch

4) House Finch

5) Black-Capped Chickadee

6) Black Eyed Junco

7) Red-Bellied Woodpecker

8) Northern Flicker Woodpecker

9) Downey Woodpecker

10) Carolina Wren

11) White-breasted Nuthatch

12) European Starling

13) House Sparrow

14) White Crowned Sparrow

15) Mourning Dove

16) Pine Siskin

17) Tufted Titmouse

18) Barred Owl – perches in tree above bird feeder

19) Cooper Hawk – perches in tree above bird feeder

Be sure to visit our channel to see three of our Live Cams

Play List:

Live ground feeder critter cam

Live koi pond cam

Live bird feeder cam

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