Live Koi Pond Cam

Live Koi Pond Cam

Live Koi Pond Cam, Live Bird Feeder Cam and Live Critter Cam. Koi fish pond live stream cam – Fish Pond is a 24/7 Stream is located in the state of Ohio in the United States, became live on July 22, 2020.

My name is Scott and I live in Westerville, OH in a suburban neighborhood just north of Columbus. We have had this Koi pond going on 19 years. When we built it to begin with it had no trees close to it. Now has a locust and pine trees all around it which makes it fun to maintain. But we still get so much enjoyment from it and have got to see these koi grow from babies to the size that they are today.

Pond Details: Pond is about 18 years old and most of fish were offspring of others. Pond is about 1000 gallons and we keep the skimmer running year around. We also have a bottom drain to external pump which upflows to a 55 gallon filter. Pond media is pvc and filter material.

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Live koi pond cam

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