Birds looking for food on a winter day

Birds looking for food on a winter day

Birds looking for food on a winter day. Both our ground feeders and bird feeders was super busy even before sunrise due to about 4 inches of snow over night. There were mourning doves, junco, cardinals on the ground feeder before I hit the record button. These birds need to find food sources in the winter time especially with everything covered in snow.

Fill your feeders with the best bird foods that provide energy. Birds will eat to keep warm during these cold days. Winter can be hard season for many of these birds so keep you feeders refilled with seed. Your bird feeders can attract plenty of birds to your backyard or garden and will help them survive on a winter day.

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We have a deer in the hood

We Have a Deer in the Hood

Being the first week of Ohio Deer gun season. I guess they have sent some deer roaming the neighborhoods. This one came in about 1:27am and cleaned out our ground feeder.

We live in a 400 plus home subdivision, so a deer really has to get off track to make his way through the neighborhood.  But since I have put my cam out back we have seen them a few times a month.  So just goes to show you you never know what you have going through your backyard at night.

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